Trommel Screen For Alluvial Gold Mining

Trommel Screen For Alluvial Gold Mining

Trommel Screen Introduction

Trommels are scaled down versions of the big commercial gold mining rotary screens. They are highly efficient at screening a lot of material quickly. The trommel is also essential gold mining kit in areas with high clay content.

A trommel screens material by spinning a drum, usually with some kind of paddles or bars running inside the length of the tube to catch and lift the passing debris. Once picked up gravity takes over and the debris falls back down causing a break up of the material.

This process is repeated until the debris is small enough to pass through the screen (fines) while the larger debris exits through the opposite end of the trommel drum. This produces two products, one of a finer soil and one of rocks, roots, wood waste, etc is referred to as rejects, overs, or trash.

Gold Trommel Screen and Washing Plant

Placer Gold trommels or wash plants are machines used to separate auriferous (gold bearing dirt, sand and rock) materials by size. A trommel uses a rotating cylinder with many holes of a given size to separate smaller gold bearing material from the larger rocks. The auriferous material is loaded into the gold trommel via a hopper, the material is sprayed with a water jet as it passes into the rotating cylinder drum to help loosen the different materials.

Any rocks larger than the holes cut into the cylinder will be forced on through the drum onto the tailings tray to be deposited onto the coarse tailings pile. The smaller gold-bearing material will fall into the sluice box below, where the black sands and gold are trapped while the remaining waste travels out the lower end of the box onto a fine tailings pile.

This process is repeated until the sluice box is full and needs to be cleaned. The black sand concentrates and gold are flushed from the sluice box into a container and then panned or run through a gold screen or a concentrator to further separate the material.

Gold Screening Equipment Supplier

There are many types of screening equipment are available for gold processing, such as circle-throw vibrating screen equipment, high frequency vibrating screen equipment, gyratory screen equipment, trommel screens etc.

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